Thursday, November 18, 2010


FIRST of all, speak for your flippin self!  If I HAD a penis, and it was small... that would be a problem!!!  
Was looking thru my spam folder for a misplaced email tonite, and this beaut caught my eye.  Good grief!  Ya know, my body may be big, but I don't ever remember having a problem with "the girls" being too small.  Women have all different sized breasts, with different perks and flops, nips that are in, out, bumpy, smooth, eraser sized and panic button sized.  It doesn't seem to be a problem, does it? There's always a guy out there who likes your boobs JUST the way they are.  WHAT, prey tell, about the tiney teeny weenie committee??  Is there really a girl out there that would prefer my hypothetically, allegedly small penis?  I mean, other than the obvious non choke factor, which sure, can be a saving grace and a beautiful gift... ARE there fans?  Oh my gosh, what WOULD I do if I had a small penis?  I guess that I, like the other "Y" chromosomed creatures of the species, would be screwed.  Or... uh, Not!  
** note: this blog was not in any way meant to be offensive to anyone who might have a less then well endowed trouser trout.  I'm sure yours is cute in it's own little way, and that it suits you just fine.  Please, save the hate mail for the political rants!**


BeckysDaily said...

Thanks for the good laugh...I have not been checking out the blogs lately, and yours made me smile!

Beck said...

Glad it made you laugh, Becky. I know it was a little risque. It doesn't really fit in with the rest of my posts, or the people I follow. Shrug, oh well. it was what it was, ya know?
How are things? Christmas is gonna be fun for you all this year!